søndag 9. november 2008


Flora har fått løpetid, og vi forventer at Rosie får det om ikke mange dagene. Vi setter derfor kursen mot England allerede mandag

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Tiina sa...


First of all, warm congratulations on all the great achievments you've made with your Goldens! It's always so nice to see a Golden do well in field trials!

I've visited your blog previously and was really interested to hear that you visited Judith Evans in England. I met Judith and Hector when we visited the Holway farm in summer 2006. I liked Hector and his sister Volley very much and have since been looking forward for the litters they produce. When I yesterday heard that Hector had a Norwegian bitch visiting him, I started to wonder if it was Siyu Rosie, and apparently it was :)

It would be really nice to hear more about your trip, but I unfortunately couldn't find your email address. I wish you all the best with the forthcoming litter, and hope to hear from you :)

Best regards,
Tiina Rajala, Finland